SkyRise Miami is the vision of renowned developer Jeff Berkowitz and his exceptional development team to create a truly global icon for the city of Miami – a revolutionary structure that will be instantly recognizable and capture the energy and exhilaration of this distinctive city. Unlike other observation towers, SkyRise Miami is asymmetrical. It is decidedly directional, facing the Caribbean and South America. It welcomes our visitors from the South into North America. It is our abstract version of the Statute of Liberty.

A sculpture to view from afar, and also to explore within.

Also, unlike other observation towers, SkyRise Miami is more than a viewing deck. It has content. A cluster of functional levels at its top contain multiple entertainment opportunities. It emphasizes current thinking: that architecture is not only about form, but also about content.

“Like the Eiffel Tower and the St. Louis Gateway Arch, SkyRise Miami will be a strong, recognizable symbol and another element to solidify Greater Miami’s leadership position among the top global destinations. And, it’s so Miami.”BARRY JOHNSON,
President & CEO, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce


SkyRise Miami


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SkyRise Miami



SkyRise Miami


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